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Hustler: Lifetime Membership via Cryptocurrency

Hustler, a leader in adult entertainment, is offering an unprecedented level of member discretion thanks to a partnership with digital currency payment processor, GoCoin. Starting today, anyone …

First Pot, Now Porn. Can Bitcoin Save the Adult Industry?

Oversexed and underbanked? Chase Bank recently informed hundreds of porn performers that the bank will close their accounts by mid-May. Apparently Chase has a …

Verotel Merchants can now Accept Bitcoin

Verotel, a payment processing site, now accepts Bitcoin. Verotel is a payment processing platform that accepts most major credit cards and is very popular, …

Porn will be Bitcoin’s killer app

In December, started accepting Bitcoin for its premium services, and the virtual currency quickly came to account for 10 percent of sales. At …

Porn webmasters love BTC

A growing number of adult websites are accepting payments and donations in Bitcoin. Most porn is available for free, but premium services require forking over …

Trolling the cryptocurrency…

Fellationcoin, the funniest thing ever seen in the whole digital currency panorama… CONTINUE