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The Evolution of Trust: P2P Economy

By David Brooks, OP-ED COLUMNIST at The New Your Times I’m one of those people who thought Airbnb would never work. I thought people …

HashReport: Digital Currency Links

Hash Report is a directory of virtual currency community links. Links are organized by categories, with a thumbnail preview of the sites, and include resources like forums, …

MKG: Social Marketing & Virtual Currency

Mkreativegroup is based on business ideas dealing with stocks and optional currencies. Mkreativegroup is not a professional in any field and don’t claim to be, it is …

What is Twitter Jail?

Twitter Jail is a slang phrase used to describe Twitters limits on tweets, direct messages and followers per day. Twitter uses this method to reduce …

12 Star Social Management

12 Star Social is the only Social Management tool you will ever need. Clean up your followers and friends, grow your social media presence, …

Top 100 cryptocurrencies on Twitter

It’s time to look at the most popular digital currencies on Twitter. What’s social sentiment? That’s Topsy’s indication of whether people are “positive,” “negative” …

DogeBucket: Dogecoin crowdfunding site

A DogeBucket is basically an online social wallet that can be used to get Dogecoin for just about anything. Create a bucket for your …

Top 100 digital currencies by social media presence

A digital currency is only as strong as the community that supports it, so I decided to take a look at the top 100 …

Jobs for crypto currency

Cryptogrind: a marketplace for jobs in exchange for crypto currency.

Flattr: add money to your likes

The easiest way to support creators. Flattr is a relatively new social bookmarking and microdonation platform. After Paypal, BAC, and Visa and Mastercard bent …

BitGigs: Bitcoin Job Board

A kick-ass bitcoin job board. Video, graphics, music, programming, audio, technology, advertising and much more. For a limited time only, posting a job free of charge. …

The Doge Tip Bot

A cool application that allows you to tip on Twitter using the ever obedient and helpful @tipdoge! Simply tweet @tipdoge and a command. Commands To see your …