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Badoo Seeking to Expand Bitcoin Payments Globally

Dating-focused social networking site Badoo is now allowing its more than 200 million users to pay for premium features using bitcoin in more than …

Standalone Payment Gateway for Magi

Magi (symbol XMG) is a fair coin without premine that is working to become a professional decentralized payment network used by millions of people across …

Average CPM rates in 2014?

Anyone monetizing a website through display ads wonders at some point how their earnings compare to their peers. Display ad earnings can be standardized …

The International Virtual Crypto Summit 2015

On the 26-27 of February, 2015, the global crypto community will come together for the only truly global event bringing together thousands of crypto …

Why CEX.IO Paused Mining and the Future of the Industry

In a less than graceful tweet, Jeffrey Smith, the CIO of, announced that the company would be  pausing mining for its users. Instantly, …

Providence Develops Decentralized Biometric Keys

The Providence team is proud to announce the launch of the Pledger Club. The Pledger Club is a method of storing biometric keys in …

Cloud Mining Service Disappears With User Funds

Cloud mining is risky business. Bitcoin mining in general can be risky business, but cloud mining in particular requires a lot of trust. Essentially, …

SpaceBIT, A Space Banking Program for Digital Currencies

London, January 3, 2015—SpaceBIT, the first decentralized space company, has announced its program to create a space banking platform for digital currencies. The company …

A Minecraft Bitcoin Experiment

Minecraft is an extremely popular sandbox game published by Mojang. It allows players to explore strange worlds made out of pixelated cubes. Players can …

Possible upcoming attempts to disable the Tor network

The Tor Project has learned that there may be an attempt to incapacitate our network in the next few days through the seizure of …

DNotes Cryptocurrency Savings Plans For Children

DNotesVault, a secure web wallet launched just a week ago has reaffirmed its mission to build a large generation of DNotes stakeholders worldwide by …

Stable Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Launches DNotesVault With Unprecedented Cryptocurrency Deposit Guarantee

Packed with multiple functionality, an unprecedented 100% cryptocurrency deposit guarantee, and timed send DNotesVault is the second strategic property created by the DNotes team …