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VeriCoin Wallet 1.5 coming Friday, January 23rd

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January 23rd the new VeriCoin Wallet 1.5 will be available for download.

The new wallet 1.5 brings many new, exciting features that are sure to surprise and delight the Digital Currency Community. There are a multitude of new Tabs Sections including: SuperNET, Chat, Forums and BlockChain. The team introduced a Real Time scrolling News Ticker, the option to set the number of Decimal Places, as well as, added more avenues to acquire VeriCoin with the Get VRC Tab.

Underpinning these new features are two fantastic additions to the latest Wallet, Auto-Update will make future updating a breeze and with Turbo Bootstrap you’ll be syncing to the BlockChain in mere minutes. Also, in addition to these great, new features, the team has overhauled the GUI to help the average “every day” end.

New Wallet 1.5 Features:


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