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Infinity: ASIC Scrypt Miner

ASIC scrypt miners are state of the art hardware that can miner SCRYPT coins such as litecoin, wordcoin, digitalcoin, dodgecoin. The following device is …

Top 5 biggest threats to Ripple

Ripple’s well-funded, progressive and growing, but it’s going to have to grow even more aggressively if it hopes to outdistance itself from competing bitcoin …

5 reasons Ripple could revolutionize financial transactions

When you finally wrap your head around bitcoin, you realize there’s an entire world of other cryptocurrencies, protocols and exchanges that you don’t understand. …

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations
, provides real time data about the crypto currency market capitalizations. Data inludes. Market capitalization, price, total supply, 24h volume, 24h % change.

Ripple Payment Network

The Ripple payment network allows anyone to send money to anyone in any currency. It is founded on the same principles as the Internet: …