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Mining Titans: Mining Mobile Data Center

Mining Titans unveils Industrial Mining Mobile Data Center (MDC) the Helios CryptoKube, bringing out a customized long-term data solution to anyone wishing to enter …

Mining Equipment for European Miners

If you’re an experienced miner you already know how complicate and risky could be buying the equipment. If you’re located within the European Union …

The Blackcoin Card

A member of the blackcoin community has developed a piece of technology that offers a new level of functionality and convenience for personal users …

The Voltminer V1: 1 Terahash A1 28Nm ASIC Mine

The Voltminer V1: a powerful bitcoin miner with minimum hashrate of 1000gh/s, includes a display with actual hashrate and temperature.  Miners are build based on …

Bitcoin Mining: The Monarch

From Butterfly Labs, a new Bitcoin mining card: The Monarch Features: – 28nm technology – Performance 600 GH/s – Power 350 Watt – Datacenter ready PCI …

GPU Frames for Mining Rigs

Interesting hardware for those who want to build a decent looking mining rig…. I suppose this is the ultimate heat shedding, space saving system: …

Infinity: ASIC Scrypt Miner

ASIC scrypt miners are state of the art hardware that can miner SCRYPT coins such as litecoin, wordcoin, digitalcoin, dodgecoin. The following device is …

Optimal thread concurrency for CGminer

The most impacting factor for hardware errors and hashrate is the thread_concurrency (TC). And for some cards, the ratio of core speed to memory speed is the …

AMD GPU power/fan control via command line

Overdrive5: a command line tool that uses AMD ADL OverDrive5 interface to control power and fan speed of GPU boards. Works on Windows and Linux (if video driver …

Mining with HD6950 & R9290x

I’ve done extensive research on both of these cards. I also have some of the highest performing ones in both areas, so maybe my …

Simple chart for GPU mining temperatures

If you’re like me, you want to stockpile some doge by mining before the block reward decreases. So you pump your GPU to its …

Alpha Technology: Scrypt ASIC Miners

Alpha Technology, the British company who announced in November it would be one of the first to bring ASIC mining devices for Litecoin and similar cryptocurrencies …