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Mining with HD6950 & R9290x

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I’ve done extensive research on both of these cards. I also have some of the highest performing ones in both areas, so maybe my knowledge can help you out! After all, every bit of improvement helps in the long term.

Right now I have three rigs, two of which have 6950s with unlocked shaders (a must do if your 6950 is a reference 2GB model) each push over 500kh/s and have an AVG hash rate of 480 and 490. My 290x is pushing over 1MH/s and has an avg rate of 980 in cg watcher.

Here are my settings and some suggestions based on what I’ve encountered – what you might find is that you’ll need to split the 290x and 6950 apart to get the best performance out of them due to the driver differences – but I haven’t had them together since the newest WHQ release (13.12 I believe) so maybe they’re fine now… CONTINUE


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