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New Bretton Woods Could Help Europeans Currencies Again

The common man watching a slow decrease could feel that Bitcoin end soon, but the opposite is true! At the beginning of 2014 there …

National Crypto Currencies for Europe

UnitedCoins is a project whose aim is to restore national currencies in the territories of the European Union in the form of cryptocurrencies. The …

Mozilla Now Accepting Bitcoin

Mozilla, the open-source development community behind the popular Firefox web browser, is now accepting bitcoin donations. The Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit entity that provides …

DogeBucket: Dogecoin crowdfunding site

A DogeBucket is basically an online social wallet that can be used to get Dogecoin for just about anything. Create a bucket for your …

Peace Love and Dogecoin for Pandy

Pandy is a cat that is very sick and needs to get veterinary treatment asap. He has lost a lot of weight over the …

Crowdtilt: free, open source crowdfunding solution

If you want your crowdfunding campaign to accept Bitcoin, Crowdtilt has you covered. The crowdfunding company today launched CrowdtiltOpen, an open source crowdfunding solution that enables …

Crowd Funding Forum

General discussion related to crowdfunding. Projects, tips, strategies… CONTINUE

Bitcoin Garden: The journey starts here…

Dear reader, welcome to the blog. I’m Secco, owner and administrator of Bitcoin Garden. In case you’re wondering, I’m a full time webmaster, internet …