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National Crypto Currencies for Europe

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is a project whose aim is to restore national currencies in the territories of the European Union in the form of cryptocurrencies.

The people of the Europe Union are uncomfortable with the lost of national identity in the currency they use. The project is designed to form a functional entity comprising a software platform and financial institutions necessary for operation and development; an organization defending and promoting the project and spreading the ideas needed for transition to cryptocurrencies. The intention is to unify existing national and regional cryptocurrencies, to create new ones as required and incorporate them into a comprehensive system that will quickly and massively expand in the EU and will be easier and faster to adopt than the current Bitcoin.

We are creating a single payment system for the EU consisting of a payment gateway, the UnitedCoins Payment Gateway, an ATM network connected to the cryptocurrency exchange and a multi-currency stock exchange / crowd funding platform, UnitedCoins Stocks, enabling list project, funding ideas, trade shares and pay and receive dividends. We will estabilish the UnitedCoins Bank for national and regional cryptocurrencies, which offers loans in these currencies and investment funds to UnitedCoins Stocks. Concurrently, we will create a non-profit organization, EARC (European Association for Regional CryptoCurrency), supported by UnitedCoins whose purpose is to represent independent cryptocurrencies in the UnitedCoins system. It will be the arbiter of disputes between cryptocurrencies and at the same time associate regular users and gain public acceptance of cryptocurrencies. EARC promotes and support cryptocurrencies and assist in the creation of new currencies for countries and regions in EU. ~ Ladislav Faith

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the trend in a new industry, which in the last 12 months has increased the number of users 100 fold. Since the beginning of Bitcoin 800 crypto currencies have been created in a number of regions and countries. The tendency towards the development of national and regional currencies are confirmed by the events in Ecuador, which has already established cryptocurrency as the official currency.

The advantage of national cryptocurrencies that are linked to the historical tradition of national currencies replaced by the unpopular Euro is that they can arouse enthusiasm in the population of the Europe Union for the identification with the currency and overtake the current popularity of Bitcoin. National currencies are compared Bitcoin extraordinary compare benefits that it can quickly expand the market.

As the first in the world we tested in the Czech Republic cryptocurrency demand for our national currency CzechCrownCoin. In 1 day the price climbed from 0.25 to 1.25 CZK and we sold out the entire issue in 3 days and the following weeks we sold out next 10 emissions of our currency. During the first week the number of holders exceeded more than double the number of owners of Bitcoins in our country! ~ Ladislav Faith

The system will be initially launched in the Czech Republic and Germany and later other countries of the European Union.

Crypocurrencies supported coins:

CzechCrownCoin – Czech Republic

Deutsche eMark - Germany

PesetaCoin – Spain
CataloniaCoin – Spain (Catalonia)
PLNcoin – Poland
eGulden – Netherlands
Ekrona – Sweden
Sterlingcoin – UK

The project is in development and overall they intend to obtain financing for up to 5 million USD.

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DEM: NQh1jbm6zwvRF9cuRefY339i6edeyperDP


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