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ASIC coming for X-algorithms

First they came for SHA256, and before you knew it, you couldn’t mine any amount of Bitcoin with your PC anymore. Soon, you couldn’t …

Darkcoin: Not Just for Drugs Anymore

When a team of seven developers launched Darkcoin in April 2014, it didn’t turn many heads. Like Bitcoin, it initially wallowed in obscurity—but unlike …

ShitExpress will send poop in a box anywhere for Bitcoins

Imagine a person you hate very much. Annoying colleague, school teacher, ex-girlfriend, filthy boss, jealous neighbor, or that successful former classmate. There is always …

Darkcoin Releases Open Source Code, Exits Beta Stages

Privacy-centered digital currency Darkcoin (DRK) is now a fully open-source cryptocurrency as it unveils its source code and moves out of the beta stages …

Austin Global Exchange

According to the official announcement, Austin Global Exchange, AGX in short, provides a fast, stable trading platform for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin while …

Top 100 cryptocurrencies on Twitter

It’s time to look at the most popular digital currencies on Twitter. What’s social sentiment? That’s Topsy’s indication of whether people are “positive,” “negative” …