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CoinQuiz: The Game for the Altcoin Enthusiast!

Are you good at identifying altcoins logos? We are continuously surrounded by many altcoins, but how many of them can you recognize? Test your …

Excitement Builds As Dogecoin’s First Birthday Nears

One year ago tomorrow, Dogecoin entered the cryptocurrency world. This curious new coin, which was based on the popular Shiba Inu from the Doge …

ShitExpress will send poop in a box anywhere for Bitcoins

Imagine a person you hate very much. Annoying colleague, school teacher, ex-girlfriend, filthy boss, jealous neighbor, or that successful former classmate. There is always …

Bitcoin Penguin, Online Casino

Bitcoin Penguin is one of the hottest, fastest growing bitcoin casino on the net. It offers instant deposits and cashouts, no more waiting, no more …

Doge Betz: Dogecoin Sports Betting

Doge Betz: Easiest way to bet with Doge! Soccer, Tennis, Nascar, NFL, etc. Doge Betz is for shibes only, providing a dedicated Dogecoin Sports …

Austin Global Exchange

According to the official announcement, Austin Global Exchange, AGX in short, provides a fast, stable trading platform for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin while …

Hustler: Lifetime Membership via Cryptocurrency

Hustler, a leader in adult entertainment, is offering an unprecedented level of member discretion thanks to a partnership with digital currency payment processor, GoCoin. Starting today, anyone …

Satoshi Bet: Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino

Satoshi Bet: Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino. All shuffles are completely fair, your computer will create a random string before each play round. After an …

Roll The Coin: Dogecoin Casino

Roll The Coin is an online casino, which uses Dogecoin instead of traditional currencies. It offers very quick and dynamic action – player chooses the …

Universal Opensource Wallet Generator
, offers an interesting universal opensource client-side wallet generator that supports Bitcoin and Litecoin, plus a bunch of other altcoins, including Dogecoin, Auroracoin, Blackcoin. secure, efficient and fast cryptocurrency exchange
, is a startup company launched in January 2014, which focuses on trading virtual currencies using Bitecoins and Litecoins. They aim to offer a professional, …

Wood Wallets

Forget paper-wallets and Gox. Protect your coins by getting your public address and your BIP38-encrypted private key engraved on a beautiful piece of design… CONTINUE