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Satoshi Bet: Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino

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Satoshi Bet: Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino. All shuffles are completely fair, your computer will create a random string before each play round. After an initial shuffle, it uses this string to cut the deck before shuffling the deck a second time. Because their server does not know the random string your computer will send, there is no way for them to predict the shuffle. Prior to every play round, they show you both your secret string and a hash containing encoded shuffle data their server generated. After each play round they show you the strings from this hash. By combining these with your computers string and the hash, you can successfully decode the complete shuffle and thus verify the legitimacy of the round. For your convenience, they made a script that allows you to quickly verify a round in a single click.


– Currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoins
– Anonymous: Sit down, play and cash out. No questions asked.
– No Downloads: Play instantly in your browser, without any extra downloads.
– Instant Play: Deposits and withdrawals are processed immediately.

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