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Mozilla Now Accepting Bitcoin

Mozilla, the open-source development community behind the popular Firefox web browser, is now accepting bitcoin donations. The Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit entity that provides …

Bitcoin Software Developers do not need BitLicense

The New York “BitLicense” proposal is most certainly controversial at the very least. There are of course many people who feel that Bitcoin should …

Darkcoin Releases Open Source Code, Exits Beta Stages

Privacy-centered digital currency Darkcoin (DRK) is now a fully open-source cryptocurrency as it unveils its source code and moves out of the beta stages …

Universal Opensource Wallet Generator
, offers an interesting universal opensource client-side wallet generator that supports Bitcoin and Litecoin, plus a bunch of other altcoins, including Dogecoin, Auroracoin, Blackcoin.

Gravacoin: free service to build a donation page

Gravacoin is a tool that allow people to centralize all their crypto-currencies addresses and build a donation page. Basically, this tool is a database that allows you …

AMD GPU power/fan control via command line

Overdrive5: a command line tool that uses AMD ADL OverDrive5 interface to control power and fan speed of GPU boards. Works on Windows and Linux (if video driver …

Get your own faucet

Can I create a faucet for you/your altcoin? Since I’m receiving more and more requests to create a faucet, I thought I should write …

Crowdtilt: free, open source crowdfunding solution

If you want your crowdfunding campaign to accept Bitcoin, Crowdtilt has you covered. The crowdfunding company today launched CrowdtiltOpen, an open source crowdfunding solution that enables …

Real-time Bitcoin price widget

BTCQuote is an open-source, real-time Bitcoin price widget for your website or blog. It is easily embeddable with 2 lines of code and offers …

A donation button for your webpage

Add a Bitcoin or Litecoin donation button to your webpage and start getting coins today. It’s simple to use, clean cut, and loaded with …

Cudaminer setup on Linux

First of all: you need a recent official Nvidia linux driver. Without it, the cudaGetDeviceCount function will return 32767 (the max value of an …