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CryptographicCoin introduces a brand new technology: POS mining pool

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A special approach to implementing CryptographicCoin (CRTCoin) allowed to create the first world’s cryptocurrency which is ecological, economically beneficial and truly anonymous. Integration of ZeroCoin, NovaCoin and PeerCoin (PPC) technologies allowed to create completely new crypto financial instrument that is unparalleled in the world of modern cryptocurrencies. By the fact, the transfer commission is not sent for the signing of transactions to miners – The first cryptocurrency is the first balanced instrument and its production coins volume should be equal to the amount of the destroyed commission with the time, and perhaps even exceed it.

PoS + PoW Tecnology:

The hybrid system of ProofOFStake and ProofOfWork production allows to produce coins either by using physical calculations or using cryptocurrency deposits, you just need to have a certain amount of coins at your account and included purse, which gives a chance for the coins production.

The hybrid system also avoids the problem of 51 percent that connects with such currencies like BitCoin and LiteCoin, for example. As for cryptocurrency features, there can be feedback difficulty and rewards (as in PoS, and the PoW) – It means that the unit reward decreases with power increasing. It helps to maintain the necessary network power reducing electricity consumption because production stops to be profitable with the large number of Miners.

POS mining pool:

The mechanism of the PoS-pool CryptoBank is based on joint keeping of coins on common wallet for new blocks generating and as well as on the hardware pool the distribution of benefit is carried out according to the contribution of each participant.

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