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The CryptoComposite Index

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Cryptos are a new asset class that enable the transfer of value across the internet. The CryptoComposite Index is the benchmark that measures the performance of the leading cryptos in real-time. The CC10 measures the top ten cryptos, whilst the CC10x excludes Bitcoin, making it a good gauge of the leading altcoins.

The site has been released in reduced beta form. There are coins that are not yet included but more will be added in due course. They will ensure that the leading coins will be covered so that the index can be accurately calculated in accordance with the rules set. Prices are collected from a number of exchanges that represent more than 90% of traded volume. Prices are volume weighted over the past 24 hours. The CC10 and the CC10x opens and closes at 00:00 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). Index and coin price changes are shown relative to the open on each day.

The CryptoComposite indices data, calculation engines and website have been created by Mark Griffiths of the.bespoke:pixel and the indices have been designed, calculated and maintained by Andy Harvell (ex FTSE Group and HSBC Investment Bank).

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