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BetMoose: User Driven Betting Exchange

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BetMoose lets you bet on the outcome of future events. Anyone can create their own futures contract (“bet”) under their own proposed terms. Anonymous and registered users place their wagers on the outcome they predict will come out to be true. At the ‘Betting Deadline’, the betting stops, and a waiting period begins until the outcome time is reached. At the outcome time, the host sets the correct outcome. To prevent unfair resolutions by the host, bettors have 24 hours to report the bet.

Hosts earn reputation and commissions from accurately resolving so cheating is rarely seen. However, if any reports are received, the payout is halted and a BetMoose moderator will decide the outcome based on what the host specified in the ‘Title’ and ‘Decision Logic’ fields. If the BetMoose moderator cannot decide the outcome, the bet is cancelled, and all funds are returned. Not all bets are created equal, so read the decision logic and look at the timeline the host has set before placing your bet.

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