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Mazacoin Celebrates One Year of Success

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This month see’s the first birthday of Mazacoin. The Genesis Block was written into blockchain Feb 7, 2014, 5:24:05 PM. It is now time to celebrate all the goals achieved during one year full of hard work: a celebration giveaway is being announced at the time of writing while more initiatives are on the way.

History & Mission:

Mazacoin was conceived by Payu Harris and cryptocurrency developer Anonymous Pirate in the winter of 2013. Payu formed the BTC Oyate initiative, and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Office of Economic Development, which resulted in the creation of Mazacoin. In late February of 2014 the genesis block was mined and the MazaCoin Blockchain officially put into service. An inscription was placed into the genesis block, to remind people how mazacoin is created and why:

The Black Hills are not for sale. 1868 is the LAW!

The phrase is referring to the Sioux-United States Treaty of 1868, reminding us that Treaties are meant to be upheld, that no one has the right to sell Lands that others steward, and that governments MUST respect the Rights of Sovereigns.

The Launch:

Mazacoin launched amid considerable mainstream media coverage, with reports from RT America, to CNN, to AlJazeera, Wall St. Journal, and most other major organizations picked up the Mazacoin story as well. As can be imagined, the media attention attracted investors, curiosity seekers, activists, and, indeed more media. As can be imagined, all this attention was more than a small handful of Oglala Sioux tribal representatives were prepared to handle. Cryptocurrency take some time to absorb, and fully comprehend; a difficult task in the best of circumstances, more so with masses demanding information that’s just being learned and absorbed. Within a short time after launch Mazacoin was struck with large exchange theft, and a general downturn in the altcoin market. This has had the calming effect of reducing the investor and media attention on the Oglala Sioux, while giving all of the present and future stakeholders in mazacoin time to understand the opportunities and responsibilities that come with creating not just a new currency, but a new blockchain.

The first 10,000 blocks were premined to support the goal of making Mazacoin a currency for the Oglala Sioux tribe, and other tribes, to designate and use as their national currency. These funds are currently held by Mazacoin Development Team members, and will be moved to a Trust managed by the future Mazacoin Development Foundation.

Mazacoin Now:

One year later, Mazacoin is one of the top 75 cryptocurrencies for market capitalization with a value of roughly $160,000. Enough to say the coin is greatly appreciated by crypto investors as well as maza community members.

This summer has seen several additions to the core Mazacoin Development Team, allowing the team to focus on more than building core mazacoin code. Today the team is actively working with exchanges, merchants, service providers, multipools, and payment processors to make adoption of mazacoin easy for all. The addition of several members actively engaged in social media, and members capable of fielding the growing numbers of requests for interviews, requests for information and assistance, relationships with service providers and investors. The growing team has allowed Payu Harris, creator of Mazacoin, a Lakota/Cheyenne native himself, to focus on media relations, helping to produce new upcoming documentaries by Mashable, and others.

Unlike most other cryptos, Mazacoin has a sovereign territory in which new concepts can be implemented much more rapidly than in traditional industries or territories. MZC represents one of the first government body authorized cryptos.

Coin Parameters:

Algorithm: SHA256
Block Reward: 1,000 MZC
Block Time: 2 minutes
Reward Halving: 950,000 blocks
Min Block Rewad: 1 MZC
Total coin mined: 2.398 billion MZC + yearly inflation
2.398 billion coins will be mined in approx. 36yrs
Difficulty Re-Targets every 1 block using DarkGravityWave3

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