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Syscoin: Business on the Blockchain

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syscoin crypto cover title imageInnovation at it’s best, Syscoin isn’t just another crypto currency- it is also a value-added service and financial infrastructure integrated directly into its blockchain – something like this has never been done before! Syscoin is a crypto-currency and a financial infrastructure all in one!

Syscoin implements a distributed marketplace integrated directly into the blockchain and more! This provides huge benefits to businesses or individuals looking to secure their data or marketplace in a decentralized manner that can never be “taken down” by having a single point of failure- the network makes this impossible. Now businesses can use Syscoin’s incorruptible network to ensure the security of their sensitive data even if their redundancy systems fail – in the blockchain we trust!

Syscoin ensures the health of it’s network with the ability to be merge-mined with any other SCRYPT coin. Syscoin provides a variety of useful decentralized, cryptographically-secured services based on Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology:

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  • Business on the Blockchain. Buy and sell anything with Syscoin’s distributed marketplace integrated into the blockchain. This isn’t a cryptocurrency PLUS a marketplace. It’s a marketplace built into a cryptocurrency. The Syscoin network enables the creation of marketplaces of any kind, ranging from small community trading platforms to large corporate marketplaces like eBay to fully encrypted hidden marketplaces. This does not limit itself to marketplaces that accept only Syscoin. Syscoin’s blockchain innovations are merely an infrastructure upon which marketplaces can be built.
  • Brokerage on the Blockchain. Exchange discrete data directly on the Blockchain. Documents like deeds, wills, trusts, stocks, bonds and contracts can now be created, mutually agreed upon, and transferred without the necessity of a third-party to authenticate the transaction; the Syscoin network itself acts as the third party, guaranteeing cryptographically-verifiable authenticity. Syscoin provides a foundation for the creation of provably fair arbitration systems which cannot be corrupted.
  • Certificates on the Blockchain. Using the cryptography of the Blockchain; Issue, authorize, and exchange digital certificates. With Syscoin, anyone can register as a certificate issuer and issue provably-unique certificates which can be authenticated by anyone using Syscoin’s cryptographic proof of work. This allows for the creation and free exchange of a any kind of digital asset such as stocks, bonds, ownership certificates, warranties, receipts, tickets, certifications, diplomas, software licenses.
  • Miners Matter! By being universally merge-mineable with all Scrypt coins, Syscoin is prepared for the coming Scrypt ASIC boom. By simultaneously distributing coins to anyone mining any other Scrypt coin, it ensures that both democratic coin distribution and strong network health are achieved shortly after Syscoin’s genesis.


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