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Virtex: Virtual Currency Exchange

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Virtex is an innovative trading platform that offers a professional and user-orientated approach to the cryptocurrency exchange market. The platform was coded from scratch by a team of expert developers and it is operated by a group of professional entrepreneurs to ensure the maximum level of safety.


– Fiat: EUR, USD
– Crypto: BTC, LTC


– Instant Order: when you place a “Buy/Sell” order using the instant order function the system will match your order against orders that are closest to the market price. The system will stop when your order is fully fulfilled.
– Limit Order: when you want to buy or sell your BTC/LTC, but you do not want to do that at the current price, you can choose the limit order option and set a “Buy/Sell” order at certain wanted price.
– Professional customer support service via tracking ticket system.


– Very simple 3-steps fee structure where accounts will be indexed accordingly to their 30-day trading amounts. Min 0.2%, max 0.3%.

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