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Welcome to Eurokoin

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Eurokoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency like litecoin and bitcoin. They are committed to provide you with an alternative way to earn, mine, buy, sell eurokoins, trade them with other cryptocurrencies and rent services such as servers or VPS.

Technical information:

Algorithm: Scrypt
Number of Coins: 2,000,000,000
Block Time: 2 minutes/block
Difficulty Retarget: Kimoto’s Gravity Well
Premine: 1% – For Bountys and Giveaways ​
Block Rewards: 4000 until 1/3 of the coins are out, this will happen near 20/10/2014. After that block rewards will diminish every 500 days from 4000 to 2000, 1000, 500, 250, 100, 50 and we will end up with a constant reward of 10.


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