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1st Anniversary of the Counterparty Project

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One year ago today, Counterparty emerged as an innovative project with a mission to provide a peer-to-peer financial market within the Bitcoin protocol and represent a step towards the democratization of finance.

They started their journey with a bold move. On January 2nd, 2014, they invited everyone who recognized Counterparty’s value to burn their bitcoins and initialize balances in a fair, distributed and transparent way. Since that time, they have been working hard on developing the Counterparty platform, guided by the passion for Bitcoin and its potential.

Message from The Founders

Adam, Evan and I started Counterparty with the lofty goal of creating a full-fledged platform that allowed the potential of the Bitcoin blockchain to be realized. Like most Big Ideas, it was unclear if we’d be truly successful with this at the time, but we decided to keep things simple, and focus on building and enhancing the technology, day-by-day, and working with the needs of the users of the product as they arose.

A whirlwind of a year down the road, we can look back with gratitude to the many that put their faith in Counterparty by burning bitcoins, building a business, site, or tool on the technology, buying XCP, and more.

We’re proud of what we’ve been able to do together so far, and are excited about the tremendous growth and change that 2015 can bring for blockchain technology adoption, and for Counterparty itself.


To celebrate the anniversary, the Counterparty team is inviting everyone to show their support on Twitter using the hashtag and get a chance to win a $20 coupon to spend in the Counterparty merchandise store.

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