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The 7 Biggest Crypto Scandals of 2014

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Even though 2015 is right around the corner, some might say that bitcoin was still in its ‘Wild West’ days throughout the course of this year. While it’s easy to appreciate all of bitcoin’s best qualities – it’s cheap, fast and reliable, to name a few – it’s harder to ignore that bitcoin has also been associated with less desirable parts of life – like crime and scandal.

As the digital currency’s use cases are still being discovered each day and regulators from around the world strategize how best to approach the disruptive technology, it’s inevitable that something will go wrong as bitcoin goes through growing pains.

Unfortunately, there’s bound to be bad actors in any industry and in any country, and when these bad actors are operating in a sector with considerable legal ambiguities like the bitcoin space, things can go awry pretty quickly… CONTINUE


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