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Sharexcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Goes Silent

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Every new industry has its ups and downs, and they all have failures, especially in the beginning. Unfortunately, this is not the first time a cryptocurrency exchange has folded and all of depositors’ money has disappeared. The Sharecoin spinoff Sharexcoin seems to have gone under completely closing its doors as the exchange (Bitcointalk ID: ziplibrary) has been silent since 3 June, 2014.

Sharecoin is a new PoS cryptocurrency that was presented as a gift to all Bitcointalk forum members. Now, it appears that Sharexcoin was a Trojan horse and the complete details of the loss are still not clear. It is unknown whether the owner was hacked or that the entire thing was an elaborate sting set up by criminals.

In either case, this will probably not be determined until the owner surfaces. Updates to the post can be found at the ANN thread of Sharecoin. The community, as is usually the case when this happens, is still trying to sort out the effects that this might have… CONTINUE


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  • Platoon says:

    ShareXcoin, thank you for stealing my coins. You’re the shame of the cryptocommunity!

    I hope you have to spent them all to cure a brain cancer to your son. Peace and love.


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