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LimeCoinX: Key Features For Success

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Released on June 6th 2014, LimeCoinX (LIMX) is not a brand new coin. It is the 2.0 version of the original and well known LimeCoin (LIM). The development team, using all the experience acquired during the development of the old LIM, decided to create a completely new block chain to solve all the flaws found in the first version of the coin. These adjustments made LIMX a proper currency with all the latest technical advancements on the market. The code was improved in terms of stability to avoid conflicts with other currencies, ports and PCH messages were changed, new DNS seeds were created with new ways to interact between nodes.

Now the big question: Is this enough to make LIMX a great coin? Even better: beside the technical details, what is the key feature that makes a coin successful? There is only one answer: it must be “spendable”. If a coin has no use in the real economy it will not last long.

This was clear from the very beginning for LimeCoinX developers, in fact the coin was designed with the intent to be a real currency, spendable for goods and services. There is a sheer number of features, goods and services that already exist. They range from the classic faucets to the most advanced tip bots for Twitter and Facebook. The group of social tools also includes LimePic, a free image hosting, and two online games: LimeTravian and Lime-RO.

LimeCoinX is already accepted as form of payment in some online shops (Bitcoinshop, Bitcoind Auction Shop), donations in LIMX are accepted by the SaveGreyHound Foundation and the coin can be exchanged for FIAT currency thanks to C-CEX, which also gives it access to their merchant tools beta platform. Their proprietary service, Limepay, allows you to buy LimeCoinX directly from their website in a very easy way.

Many more stores, goods and services that accept LIMX as payment source are in the works. A point of sale interface designed specifically to allow merchants to directly connect to/from LIMX is in development, iPhone wallet and Paper Wallet will be released soon and Android Wallet is already up and running.


LIMX has a growing community, carried over from LIM: a buzzing clique of lively, fun people. The coin is already listed on and it is traded on six different exchanges.


– Super secure hashing algorithm: 11 rounds of scientific hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo)
– GPU/CPU mining
- Max Supply: 21,000,000 LIMX
- Block generation: 5 minutes
- Difficulty Retarget: every 36 block using Dark Gravity Wave
- Block Reward: 50 Coins
- Premine: 2%

Useful Links:

– Website:
– BitcoinTalk Thread:
- Exchanges: Bittrex, Europex, C-Cex, Coinader, Coinnext, Cryptoine
– Social Media: , LimeCoin Forum, Thread, IRC Chat

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