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Welcome to KaChingCoin

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Fixed 200 Block Reward

KaChingCoin has a fixed 200 Coin Block reward. There is no benifit to early miners, other than low difficulty.

50,000,000 Max Supply

KaChingCoin has a maximum supply, which is lower than LiteCoin, Worldcoin, Dogecoin, and many others. This supply amount is designed to keep prices reasonable, while still having a fair number of coins.

1 Block per Minute

KaChingCoin has a 1 minute block target time. While it is not the fasted target time, it is not near as slow as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Litecoin. Transactions take 6 blocks to be confirmed, so your transaction will be confirmed in 6 minutes.

0% Premine

KaChingCoin has not been premined, while many other cryptocurrencies have be premined. All of their coins for sale have been mined after the coin was released.

4 Hour Diff. Adjustment

KaChingCoin mining difficulty retargets every 4 hours. That is to make KaChingCoin mining stable. Coins that retarget every block often suffer from difficulty swings, causing people to not want to mine. They are trying to solve that issue by keeping the difficulty adjustment time longer.

Scrypt Based

KaChingCoin is scrypt based. You cannot mine it with Bitcoin ASIC’s or FPGA’s. It is mineable with GPU’s and the new Scrypt ASIC’s.

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